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Has the pandemic changed the digital world for the better despite its negative impact

The pandemic has completely shaken up the world in all aspects of our life. We now seem to hear a lot about the ‘new normal’. As we reflect on this new normal we can see some profound changes in:

  1. the way we work
  2. willingness to communicate and collaborate digitally
  3. modes and frequencies of travel
  4. the shopping habits
  5. the modus of schooling or delivering lessons
  6. appetite for visiting places for leisure
  7. ability and freedom to visit friends and family

and so on and so forth
truly it hasn’t spared any aspect of our daily life. How would the future look like in 2025 or 2030?
while governments around the world are planning to combat and finding ways to mitigate

  1. pressure on delivering public services increasingly by digital means
  2. rapidly building digital delivery modes to manage the situation
  3. drop in GDPs
  4. pressure on public budgets
  5. new industries or services that (will) have the employment opportunities

work wise

  1. remote working will be an accepted norm and office-based days will be fewer for important and critical events in business calendar
  2. ability to deliver work from remote will be an advantage for those organisations and their partners or service providers
  3. this might redraw sovereignty of the economies in an ever contracting and increasingly connected world

challenges this will present

  1. quality of the service provided
  2. security of the network and data connectivity
  3. security of the data in transit and storage
  4. business or service continuity
  5. infrastructure resilience and scale up capability

opportunities presented as a result to the digital ecosystem

  1. shift left and shift up the business processes to a user driven and end customer driven model. This could be considered akin to growth of self-service supermarkets in the era of traditional manned departmental stores.
  2. Machine learning and AI enabled systems to defend itself from the attack, self-repair in the event of an incident and automatically shift the service line to back-up
  3. Embedding data security at each stage of development, transit or service and intelligent ways of encrypting and decrypting
  4. Together with Serverless computing for enabling surge and contraction in demands there would be a raise of intelligent distributor and storage technologies to upkeep with the raise in demand for transfer, storage and retrieval.
  5. Site reliability engineering technologies are bound to grow and become specialised across categories of service levels or value points.

And this is just a subset of endless possibilities and opportunities sprouting up or growing faster-than-before during and after the pandemic
So on balance pandemic does seem to have changed the digital world for the better!