Client-first ethical tech services provider​

IIT Digital

IIT Digital Ltd is a spin out from IIT Software Limited to specialise in digital transformation, data sciences, AI, deep tech, advisory, audit, digital and IT services. IIT Digital Ltd is a standalone company limited by shares, registered with the Companies House in England & Wales.

IIT Software founded in the year 2007 specialises in the delivery of tailored and bespoke online web solutions for organisations across spectrum within the UK and globally. Its clients include small, medium enterprises and large corporates particularly in hospitality, sports, media and telecom industries.

IIT Digital is Client-first and ethical operator with strong policies and a deep and unwavering commitment towards ethical AI, environment, equality, equal opportunities diversity and inclusion, quality management, data protection, information security, e-safety and health & safety.

IIT Digital has access to over 250 experienced digital resources that can provide best in class tactical short term projects and strategic medium term run and change projects and enterprise services. We can provide any or mixed mode delivery involving agile, scrum, Kanban, waterfall and SaaS and as-a-service models that best fits the Client requirements.